Tantric Healing


Experience freedom and unity by creating inner harmony in balance with your environment.

Tantric Couple Retreat

The basis of a tantric relationship is Metta-Ji. This term stands for building trust, surrendering to the moment, creating equality between two individuals and the purity of intention. It perfectly encapsulates what a tantric connection is all about. It’s not about an orgasm, it’s about creating intimacy; a wonderful way to accept the past and shape the future with a vision, and to connect from the NOW.
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tantric massage

Tantric Massage

The healing effects of a Tantric massage are the consequence of the synergy that arises between touch, the inner experience and balancing the energy in the body. It results in a feeling of total harmony in body and mind. Most tension tends to accumulate around the neck, shoulders, torso, pelvis and pubic area. That is exactly why these areas receive more attention than others during a Tantric massage.

Yoni Massage

Experience the transformative power of a Yoni massage, a holistic therapy for women that uses healing touch to promote sensual well-being.

This therapeutic practice focuses on the female sexual organ and promotes deep relaxation and emotional healing. Embrace the benefits of a Yoni massage, a beautiful journey to physical and spiritual well-being.

Yoni Massage

Customers sharing their experience


G. & E. Self-employed & employee

Quite extraordinary how after just one session you get a completely different perspective on sex and your relationship. I love my wife so much, but I felt lost, Now I understand her better and I can look at myself through her eyes. Sex and love is something very intimate and depends on trust, I had never looked at it that way. It was an enlightening experience, thank you.

I. Marketing Assistant

When I walked in the first time, I didn't know what to think or expect. After five minutes, I was glad I had come. The first session I fell asleep at the end. Fortunately, I was the last one and was able to stay a little longer. Without words, in three sessions I processed an old trauma, I put it behind me and gave my life a new direction. I couldn't talk about it so I chose massage. Thanks a lot for this experience,

E. & A. Pensioners

I didn't quite know what to expect. I came along at the invitation of my husband. I had the feeling of stepping into something against my will and yet I was curious. The openness, understanding and safety made me relax step by step. If I had had children, I would have given a retreat as a gift for their marriage. Thanks a lot, Gwendoline. I feel like I have a new man. Blessed!

A. Photographer

I came alone because I found it difficult to bring my wife. It was all about me. And despite the fact that my wife was not there, so many things happened and opened up my relationship . I now understand my wife, I broke through old patterns of old relationships that overshadowed the relationship with my wife. I thought it was a big step, and a decent amount. But it is nothing compared to what received. My wife and I have found each other again. There is no more separation and I can be myself in my relationship after years. it was an experience never to be forgotten.

P. & M. Architect & Lawyer

I was about to leave my wife after 20 years of marriage. At her request, I went with her because I was curious about Tantra. We both yearned for affection and intimacy and had lost touch with each other. It is incredible what you discover about each other in 3 days. In the first 3-hour session, walls came down that had been built for more than 15 years. A whole new world opened up. The only thing I think about now is if only we had done this sooner. Thank you Gwendoline, for this unforgettable trip.

A. Businesswoman

I have already had several tantric massages. But mostly it wasn't what I needed. I am not looking for eroticism, but for a safe environment where I can discover myself. After a 2h session and an enlightening warm conversation, I feel totally Zen again. Surely it is extraordinary what it does to a person. Everything is clear and I feel connected again. Blessed!

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Workshop Conscious Intimacy

Conscious intimacy is more than sex and relationships. There is a place where men and women understand each other, complement each other and inspire each other to get to know, develop and be the best version of themselves.

During this free 2-hour workshop, discover the basis of a long-term, happy and free relationship consisting of trust, understanding, growth and a shared vision.

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