Tantric Healing

Tantric Couple Retreat


A true transformation for the couple but also for the individual. In addition to the shared Tantric exploration, the relationships get their own identity and vision that provide a stronger foundation for the future. Everything happens in private.

What does a Tantric Retreat for Couples exactly entail?

The tantric retreat for couples has the authentic tantra at its foundation, and is focused on the experience of inner harmony in balance with your environment. This is an interesting formula, especially for couples, in the form of various private workshops spread over 3 days. It is a journey through yourself, of discovering your partner and the strength of your relationship.

How does a Tantric Retreat for Couples work?


A Tantric retreat for couples is also all about interaction. More specifically, it is about connection, communication and unity in independence. The here and now is always the starting point.

The course is spread over three days and takes place in beautiful Italy. What exactly can you expect?

Intensive workshops

The retreat consists of 3 different workshops and 3 massage sessions, including learning to give a Lingam & Yoni massage, with, if desired, the experience of a pure Tantra massage.

Tantric tecniques

During the Tantric workshops, various techniques specific to Tantra are discussed. These include guided meditation, movement, communication and other inspiration.

Inspiration & Co creation

Afterwards, you can continue to work with the insights and input you got during the retreat. You will receive all the tools and tips you need to take home with you and to get started yourself.

Why a Tantric Couple Retreat?

A new relationship always feels adventurous and inspiring. A long-term relationship has its challenges. A Tantra couples course is ideal for both to develop a vision that guides your relationship through all the ups and downs when infatuation is over and love is on its way.

There is no better way to nourish your relationship than a transformative Tantra Course for Couples. Relax together, connect in a playful way and discover what Tantra has to offer you as a couple.

Tantric Massage Workshop

Connection & Intimay


A Tantric massage is a wonderful way to deepen your intimacy. It is a natural process that unfolds automatically when you surrender to the massage. No knowledge or experience is needed to experience the benefits of a Tantric massage.



  • You experience what it is like to consciously touch and be touched. You will also discover the secrets of intimate touch so that you can enjoy sharing intimacy with your partner. As a result, you learn to connect intimately without shame, taboos or too high expectations.


  • A Tantric massage takes place in connection with yourself. An interplay of desire and resistance occurs that helps you break through while focusing on breath, touch and meditation. This is a natural process that unfolds automatically when there is surrender to the massage.


  • You discover how you can play with energy, and use your breath to experience a Tantra ecstasy. The massage activates the Kundalini energy in three phases. You will learn how to activate a Tantric wave together and experience limitless pleasure.

The conduction of the Tantric workshop to learn how to give a Lingam or a Yoni massage is dependent on the experience and prior knowledge of the couple and is tailored to the needs of the couple.

There is room to explore, to discover your own limits and those of each other. In addition to breathing techniques and Tantric massage techniques, there are also connection exercises that make it easy to activate a Tantric Wave and restore the inner balance between body and mind. These methods ensure that your energy starts to flow again.

Experience the power of

Tantra Every Day


As a couple you often need nothing more than a push in the right direction. A 3-day Tantric Couple Retreat makes everything flow again, allowing you to heal the past.

During various workshops, discover how you can integrate tantric techniques into your daily life and how you will undergo a transformation in various areas:

Pure liefde

Laat het beeld van de geromantiseerde relatie los en ervaar onvoorwaardelijke liefde.

Pure liefde

De geromantiseerde afhankelijke relatie maakt plaats voor een onvoorwaardelijke, onafhankelijke liefde voor elkaar. Zo komt gelijkwaardigheid en vertrouwen als basis voor je relatie centraal te staan.


Ga samen op ontdekkingsreis en leg onbewuste patronen bloot die de intimiteit blokkeren.


Aan de hand van leuke interactieve oefeningen ga je samen op ontdekkingsreis. Zo worden de onbewuste patronen bloot gelegd en op een speelse manier geneutraliseerd.


Ontdek al spelenderwijs hoe je anders naar jezelf, je relatie en situatie kan kijken.


Via speelse en verbindende oefeningen leren jullie anders te kijken naar elkaar, jullie relatie en huidige situatie. Daardoor kan je het onbekende omarmen en passie weer toelaten in je leven.

Pure love

Let go of the image of the romanticized relationship and experience unconditional love.

Pure love

The romanticized relationship makes way for an unconditional, independent love for each other. In this way, equality and trust become the centre for your relationship.


Go on a journey of discovery together and uncover unconscious patterns that block intimacy.


You will go on a journey of discovery together using fun interactive exercises. In doing so, unconscious patterns are exposed and neutralized in a playful way.


Discover through play how you can look at yourself, your relationship and situation differently.


Through playful exercises focused on connection you learn to look at each other, your relationship and current situation differently. This allows you to embrace the unknown and allow passion back into your life.


The essence of Tantra


Building a tantric relationship means integrating Tantra outside the bedroom. That is why it is important to learn to communicate in a Tantric way so that Tantra can take shape from a heart connection.

The basis of a tantric relationship is building trust, surrender in the moment, equality between partners and pure intentions. The contact is more important than the goal and offers the ideal starting point for accepting the past and shaping the future from the here and now.

Metta-ji represents loving touch from the heart. Applied to non-verbal and verbal communication we can say that Metta-ji arises through loving touch with words and actions. We love each other in our own love language and when we learn to understand each other’s love language we strengthen intimacy in everyday life. This will be strongly discussed during these 3 days.

gelukkig koppel

Is this for us as a couple?


This Tantric retreat for couples is designed to deepen and strengthen your relationship, regardless of where you are in your relationship. Whether you are just starting your journey as a couple or have been together for years, a Tantric retreat for couples offers tools and principles to deepen the relationship.

Every Tantric Couple Retreat is unique because every couple is unique. The approach is therefore tailored to the needs and desires of you as a couple.

The transformation that takes place in just those three days is miraculous. Even if you sit on the other side of the couch in the beginning and one of the two partners is skeptical, after three days you go home hand in hand.

Whether it is about conscious disconnection, saving your marriage or about connecting and discovering tantric intimacy. The result remains the same: the heart opens, and love, friendship and romance are given the right place within your relationship.

Customers about their experience


P. & M. Architect & lawyer

I was about to leave my wife after 20 years of marriage. At her request, I went with her because I was curious about Tantra. We both yearned for affection and intimacy and had lost touch with each other. It is incredible what you discover about each other in 3 days. In the first 3-hour session, walls came down that had been built for more than 15 years. A whole new world opened up. The only thing I think about now is if only we had done this sooner. Thank you Gwendoline, for this unforgettable trip.

E. & A. Pensioners

I didn't quite know what to expect. I came along at the invitation of my husband. I had the feeling of stepping into something against my will and yet I was curious. The openness, understanding and safety made me relax step by step. If I had had children, I would have given a retreat as a gift for their marriage. Thanks a lot, Gwendoline. I feel like I have a new man. Blessed!

G. & E. Self-employed & employee

Quite extraordinary how after just one session you get a completely different perspective on sex and your relationship. I love my wife so much, but I felt lost, Now I understand her better and I can look at myself through her eyes. Sex and love is something very intimate and depends on trust, I had never looked at it that way. It was an enlightening experience, thank you.

Connect with me during a Zoom call and find out if you would like to go on a journey with me and experience how tantra can help heal your relationship.