Who Am I?


Hello, my name is Gwendoline.

For over 30 years I have been involved in energetic work, massages, Yoga, meditation, personal development and health. As a child I discovered my talent, then as a teenager I set out to further develop myself in it, and today it is no different. I still delve into the mystery of the universe and share my experiences by giving people a moment of connection with themselves.

With passion and presence in the moment, we take a journey of healing and transformation together in a light-hearted and enjoyable way. You also experience total relaxation during the massage. For me, the way of Tantra is the way beyond the boundaries of expectations of others and our own limiting beliefs that overshadow us.

Tantra shows us a path to inner freedom, joy and happiness to share with others.

What Am I Doing?


Transformation and working with people is my passion. Developing leadership, personal development and vision from the basic principles of Tantra makes a world of difference. When I give massages, for me it is a dance with the body without structures or fixed techniques. Over the years I have developed my own style with all the knowledge and experience I have gained. Various methods, techniques and styles are used intuitively in the moment. I consciously choose to offer online Tantra coaching and Retreats because in this way we can anchor everything not only mentally but also emotionally and physically with a vision of the future. 

During the sessions, all my life experience, knowledge and passion for people comes out. There is nothing that makes my heart happier than happy people.

Life is my teacher and people are my inspiration to get out of bed happy every day and make others happy. If there is anything I have understood in my deepest valley, is that we all have only one obstacle and that is ourselves, the other is just a mirror. Tantra has helped me face my deepest shadows, fears and insecurities and color my own life independent of my environment.

Where classical healing stops, Tantra begins. Craving and aversion pull us away from the here and now. And the crazy thing is, we are living now, every second we are writing history and building the future. So why not enjoy, even when working on ourselves or tackling challenges? The life energy that is released is the icing on the cake. Therefore, a life without Tantra for me is a life without color and therefore I love to share this knowledge and experience with others.

Connect with me during a Zoom call and find out if you would like to go on a journey with me.